Get To Know Defendant Debtmerica’s Managing Partner

This article is part of our Pro Se Litigant series, case: Torres v. Torres – Behind Defendant Debtmerica, LLC.

Get To Know Defendant Debtmerica’s Managing PartnersWho are Debtmerica’s Managing Partners? Debtmerica, LLC is a named defendant in the lawsuit, Torres v. Torres. When we looked at the management pages and the many websites owned or associated with the Debtmerica Managing Partners Jesse Stockwell, (A.K.A., Jesse E. Torres IV, Jesse E. Stockwell) we found that he  graduated in 2000 from the Wharton School of Business. He’s had a series of businesses since 2001, adjusting to failures, lawsuits and even action by The Attorney General of the State of New York. Jesse Stockwell’s hubris is displayed all over the Internet, and as such he was very easy to find information about, both good and bad.

One thing is for sure, Debtmerica is his goose that laid the golden egg. He protects it like a mother protecting her young, keeping her from negative posts and websites that could cause her harm. Jesse Stockwell, on his website of the same name, declares himself an expert on Internet Marketing. We think he is referring to his ability to create websites for the sole purpose of making sure the good reviews keep coming, and the bad ones disappear. He does seem to know, or at least have an instinct, as to what websites to spend money with; websites that appear to be consumer rating sites, but that give him almost total control. He has squashed bad press ranging from the Attorney General of the Great State of New York all the way to R.I.C.O. charges in a lawsuit that included extortion and death threats.
We present the facts that we found, all from credible websites and government agencies, and links to where we found them. The good, the bad and the ugly about Debtmerica LLC and Jesse Stockwell. We hope that by providing you with a story about the facts we discovered, you will be able to make an informed decision about this Wharton Graduate and his companies and whether or not you want to do business with him.
To quote a posting we found, “Is this really who you want restoring your credit reputation?”.
  1. 2001 – Coins That Care, LLC: DBA National Medallions, LLC. This was his first venture. Coins That Care, LLC was a “Commemorative Coin Company”. It is obvious that this company was created to exploit the attack on the World Trade Centers on 9/11. It appears that the now famous picture of the New York Firefighters raising the American Flag atop the rubble of the Trade Centers was used on their “coin” without the consent of its ownersThey were sued for violation of the copyright and trademarks owned by the New York Fire Fighters Association and their Widows. Along with the copyright and trademark violations, an interviewed parent of one of the partners said he advised them on settlement options for the coin company and its partners, who were apparently personally sued for a wide range of debts from the manufacturer of the coin, vendors and advertisers. See reference documents here and here.
  2. 2002 – J.E. Torres & Co., Inc: California Secretary of State records show that this company was formed by Jesse E. Torres IV, now know as Jesse Stockwell or Jesse E. Stockwell. Its business type is listed as domestic stocks. What set off a red flag to us was that this company was formed in June 18, 2002 and shows a last statement date of July 17, 2002. That’s not even a full month in business. Why? See documents here.
  3. 2002 – 2006/2008 – Lendingpoint Mortgage: The dates are confusing as the California Secretary of States’ records show that Lendingpoint was suspended on December 2, 2006 by the California Secretary of State, and then dissolved in 2008. Lendingpoint Mortgage was formed shortly after litigation forced the closing of Jesse E. Torres IV’s first business, Coins That Care, LLC, DBA National Medallions LLC. Lendingpoint Mortgage specialized in marketing sub-prime mortgages and, the record shows, it became very successful at it. And yes, those were the same “junk” mortgages that almost bankrupt the U.S. economy. The government brought these high-risk, high-profit mortgages to an end, and as such, Lendingpoint was forced to lay off its employees and close its doors. Our best guess is that the corporation was kept alive in order to receive the last of any commissions. It was apparently located at the same address as their next company, Debtmerica, LLC.
  4. 2006 – Present – Debtmerica, LLC: Jesse E. Torres IV, (A.K.A. Jesse Stockwell, Jesse E. Stockwell) went off on his own and formed Debtmerica. Debtmerica has by all indications become a very lucrative business for him. It has numerous websites such as SuperMoney, and Trustpilot which make it look like Debtmerica gets nothing but great reviews. If you go to the personal website of Jesse Stockwell, you will find that he considers himself an expert in Internet marketing. We wrote a simple review of easily verifiable facts about Debtmerica and its managing partner, Jesse Stockwell to see just how effective they were at removing bad reviews. The review was taken down in minutes! They also made BBB complaints and Debtmerica’s BBB F Rating disappear. But our favorite Debtmerica magic trick was when they paid the New York Attorney General $200,000 to stop their investigation and apparently a lawsuit against Debtmerica, and then they put out press releases like they were heroes. See it here.
  5. They can run but they can’t hide: Even though Debtmerica made the actual pages and negative reviews disappear, we found a plethora of pdf documents that preserved the web pages that disappeared. For people to take the time and effort to do this, they must have very strong, negative feelings about Debtmerica. An example of the re-appearance of BBB complaints and Debtmerica’s BBB F Rating are available here.
  6. What Experts Say: While it is our personal believe that manipulation of a marketplace is criminal, we have not as yet seen criminal actions against Debtmerica taken by authorities to this date. However, there are industry experts such as the Get Out Debt Guy who share our findings. He published “Anyway USOBA and TASC are not where you need to go to do your due diligence on Debtmerica. They are both paid by Debtmerica. You need to call the California Attorney General at (916) 322-3360, or Toll-free in California at (800) 952-5225″. See the full article hereYou should also see why Debtmerica was investigated by the Attorney General of the State of New York. The pdf of the missing reviews are available here.
  7. Missing Offshore Companies: The facts are these partners have managed to keep themselves one step ahead of their businesses that failed. Their history seems to show that they are really good at getting/buying themselves out of trouble and even out of prosecution. While in the midst of our research on these two individuals, we found the formation of an offshore company, and could not find a product that it sold. And then, after many attempts to find it, it appears the company has disappeared from the Internet. Please let us know if you archived the information on this company and/or any product or service it sells.
  8. Jesse’s Name Change: The facts are that the now Jesse Stockwell or Jesse E. Stockwell is a new name for Jesse E. Torres IV. It appears clear to this author that Lendingpoint did, and Debtmerica currently does, market and cater to low-income clients. It also is evident by their own documents that they are now making a lot of money, and it is speculated that they made a large part of it from Mexican Americans. Why? It is public knowledge that a large segment of the population in which Debtmerica is based (Santa Ana, California) is of Mexican decent. This raises questions: did Jesse E. Torres IV change his name when Torres was no longer an asset to him with the Mexican community? Could it be the search results when searching is given name? Google Jesse E. Torres IV then you decide.
  9. Cousin Jimmy: Jesse Stockwell’s cousin, James Kimberly Torres, was a twice convicted, incarcerated felon. He was convicted of drug related crimes in California. While we would not normally report on something like this, we believe this is relevant as Jesse Stockwell/Jesse E. Stockwell, when going by his given name Jesse E. Torres IV, lived with cousin Jimmy at his home in Descanso California for a prolonged period of time after he was terminated from the employ of Prudential Volpe Technology Group in December 2000.
  10. R.I.C.O. charges: The relationship between James Kimberly Torres and his father Donald Francis Torres becomes even more relevant as this relationship seems to be at the root of R.I.C.O charges filed by Jesse E. Torres IV’s own father against him and Debtmerica. These charges included extortion and death threats made by James Kimberly Torres against Jesse E. Torres IV’s father and his wife, while they were living in Baja Mexico. The equivalent of a criminal warrant for the arrest of James Kimberly Torres was issued by the Mexican Attorney General’s office. The Jesse III stated that he would guess that Jesse E. Torres IV (A.K.A. Jesse Stockwell, Jesse E. Stockwell) and/or Debtmerica funded well over $100,000 in legal fees. The result of which could prevent his father from being paid a contractual agreed to amount of $1.6 million dollars. The complaint was dismissed by a lower court judge whose judgement was overturned on appeal. The case has been reinstated. See Court documents here.
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We have only scratched the surface of what we have uncovered about Debtmerica and its managing partners. Watch for our upcoming, in-depth coverage of what Debtmerica, LLC and Jesse Stockwell have in common with the following associated companies and websites we’ve found:
  1. LoanNow Financial Corp. Details
  2. Optima Tax Relief. Details
  3. Supermoney. Details
  4. Prime Advantage Funding Corp. Details
  5. Debtmerica Processing, LLC. Details
Other short-lived companies that were opened by Jesse:
  • National Debt Free Foundation, LLC, Incorporated 7/15/2004, Status: Canceled. Details
  • Debt Foundation Of America, Inc., Incorporated 3/21/2005, Status: Suspended. Details
  • VelocityOne Escrow Corporation, Incorporated 8/22/2005, Status: Dissolved. Details
Billy the Kid or Donald Trump? Please keep coming back to to find out more facts uncovered about Jesse. We promise, The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
Coming Soon! – Debtmerica LLC. Senior Management: Be watching for our upcoming in-depth story on our research into the other Senior Management of Debtmerica LLC as featured on Debtmerica LLC’s Senior Management Page.
You can’t make this stuff up, the comments that follow each of Debtmerica’s Senior Management is from their own Debtmerica Authors & Editorial Team page.
  • Jesse Stockwell – Founder & CEO – “Master of FAQs & Budgeting Maestro”
  • Kristen Bemis – General Counsel – “Guardian of Compliance and Protector of Objectivity”
  • Jarrod Bassin – Director of Sales
  • Yaz Hernandez – Director of Information Technology
  • Christine Bui – Public Relations Manager – “Conductor of the Content and Company Curator”
  • Sonia Duenas – Human Resources Manager

Authors & Editorial Page Only

  • Lindsay Dage – “Maiden of Debt”
Already Uncovered: Hard to find public email addresses that are now missing from the Contact Page at the Debtmerica LLC Website. After all, in fairness, you should get their side of the story.

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