Pro Se: Torres v. Torres – The People

This article is part of our Pro Se Litigant series, case: Torres v. Torres – The People

Pro Se: Torres v. Torres – The PeopleEvery court room television series knows that a good jurist must know and consider the character and believability of a witness and all others associated with a case. We have made considerable effort in researching, and writing about the facts we found on each of the parties on this page.

Each has an associated “Who Is?” page. The articles include links or references to the facts we uncovered when ever possible. We do form conclusions and occasionally express our opinion, but these will be either obvious or declared. We have provided a short sentence on each party as to their association with the case. We leave it is up to you to form your own conclusions.

The Plaintiffs

  1. Jesse E. Torres III – Victim of extortion attempts and death threats, Founder & Co-Chairman of Committee to Impeach Judge Shirley R. Lewis.
  2. Jennifer J. Adams – Victim of extortion attempts and death threats

The Defendants

  1. Sophie J. Torres – (“Ma Barker”) Has a long history of unlawfully taking funds from family members; was sued by almost her entire family in another matter for attempting to get majority ownership of a home promised to another; alleged to have transferred funds belonging to her son to her own bank account.
  2. Jesse E. Torres IV (A.K.A. Jesse Stockwell, Jesse E. Stockwell)  Founder and Managing Partner of Debtmerica, alleged to have implemented and funded the bad acts against the Plaintiffs when he blew up when stories about his Mothers four + 2 attempted abortions surfaced.
  3. Debtmerica LLC – Alleged to have facilitated the actions of Jesse E. Torres IV (A.K.A. Jesse Stockwell, Jesse E. Stockwell) including funding and hiding the Defendant from service.
  4. Debtmerica, LLC Managing Partner (Jesse Stockwell)
  5. Donald F. Torres

The Judges

  1. Christopher J. Muse – Well documented claims of bias, lack of knowledge of the law, rapidly increasing number of complaints appearing, claims of making law to suit his decisions at his pleasure.
  2. Regina L. Quinlan  – Warned the Plaintiffs to “be very careful about posting documents on the internet”, and yes, she was really referring to public court documents.
  3. Robert C. Rufo – Ruled on various motions in the case, some in favor of the Plaintiffs, some for the Defendants.

The Justices (Appeals Court)

  1. Elspeth B. Cypher
  2. Peter J. Rubin
  3. Gabrielle R. Wolohojian

The Attorneys

  1. Jeremy M. Carter (Wilkins, DeYoung & Carter)
  2. Cindy A. Nuzzolo (Wilkins, DeYoung & Carter)
  3. Seth G. Roman (Wilkins, DeYoung & Carter)


  1. Mary Carmen Torres (Mary C. Torres) Accused of being at the foundation of the Complaints charges.
  2. Joanne Lynn Stockwell (A.K.A. Joanne Torres, Joanne Stockwell-Torres, Joanne Stockwell) Facts made known about her abortions ignited the case.
  3. James Kimberly Torres – Convicted and imprisoned felon with outstanding Mexican Warrant for his arrest. Made death threats to be carried out by “prison buddies” Hell’s Angles against the Plaintiffs to extort funds from them.

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