Memoirs of Register Frederic P. Claussen, 1969 – 2008

“Frederic P. Claussen died May 28[, 2009] and there was not an empty seat among the 22 pews at the Cotuit Federated Church.”  – Barnstable Patriot

Registrar Frederic P. Claussen

A true patriot and quiet hero

“Fred wrote these knowing that the end was fast approaching. I came back from California and called Fred. We set up a time (May) to meet at his favorite pub, Windy’s in Cotuit. Jim Foley also joined us for our reunion. I didn’t know Fred was sick until he arrived at Wimpy’s. He never mentioned it. He gave me these (memoirs) right after that meeting and shortly before his untimely death. I will always remember Fred with both admiration and as a very dear friend with the legendary sense of humor you will see reflected in his memoirs.”  – Jesse Torres

We want to apologize for being late in posting Mr. Claussen’s memoirs. We have recently increased security and we are still making last minute adjustments. Mr. Claussen had asked Mr. Torres to not publish his memoirs until after his death.

Mr. Torres has transferred some of his domains to the Freedom Network. It is now our honor to host Barnstable County Register of Probate Frederic P. Claussen’s memoirs.

You can find Fred’s memoirs (PDF) here: Frederic P. Claussen’s Memoirs

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