Why Did Jesse Stockwell’s Father File R.I.C.O. charges against Jesse Stockwell and Debtmerica?

Jesse Stockwell’s Father filed  R.I.C.O. charges against his son, Jesse Stockwell of Orange County and Debtmerica, LLC, in a civil complaint filed Barnstable Superior Court, MA. What could possibly have brought this father, known to have once been very close to his son, to file such a claim?

Why Did Jesse Stockwell's Father File R.I.C.O. charges against Jesse Stockwell and Debtmerica?Consider this: Jesse Stockwell’s father founded and co-chaired “The Committee to Impeach Judge Shirley R. Lewis”. A battle that appeared almost daily in the local and national news for over two years. This battle raged from the Barnstable Probate Court to the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, even to the election of the President of the United States.

This was the only effort by citizens to remove a judge, that did get the judge removed. It is public knowledge, Jesse Stockwell’s Father fought this monumental battle when Judge Shirley R. Lewis, to punish him for using his Constitutional Rights, only allowed minimum visitation with his sons. After Judge Lewis’ removal, Judge Sheila McGovern ordered joint custody to Jesse Stockwell’s Father. What happened?

It appears that a serious death threat was made against his father and his father’s wife by a person who Jesse Stockwell’s father calls, his son’s “idol”. This person whom Jesse Stockwell idolized was his ex-roommate, convicted and incarcerated felon, James Kimberly Torres, formally of Descanso, California, whose crimes included distributing drugs from Mexico throughout the United States.

The R.I.C.O. charges were also brought against Donald F. Torres, an ex-patriot who has lived in Mexico for many years. Jesse Stockwell is known to spend a great deal of time with his Great Uncle at his home in Baja California Mexico. It is also believed that his great uncle, Donald Torres, may have accompanied Jesse Stockwell on his trips to Vietnam and Russia.

The death threats were thought to be so serious, that Jesse Stockwell’s father and wife were advised by the California DEA to leave Mexico and return to the United States. When Jesse Stockwell’s father and wife fled to Big Bear California, it was found too late that his father had built up fluids in his lungs due to the  high altitude in Big Bear, causing him to suffer catastrophic heart failure.

Jesse Stockwell’s father and his wife then moved back to Massachusetts. The verified complaint’s R.I.C.O. charges state that Jesse Stockwell of Orange County, Mary C. Torres of Falmouth Massachusetts, Sophie J. Torres of Falmouth Massachusetts and Donald F. Torres who lives in Mexico, all family members, conspired to prevent Jesse Stockwell’s father from receiving the funds contractually agreed to for $1.6 mil. We will take some wild guesses here, namely, his son Jesse Stockwell:

  1. Was at minimum, witness to, or a party to threatening to kill his father and his wife.
  2. Was at minimum, witness to, or a party to his father fleeing to Big Bear California which caused his father to have Catastrophic Heart Failure, which will successfully kill his father who is living on borrowed time. See Catastrophic Heart Failure.
  3. Jesse Stockwell and/or Debtmerica, LLC were arguably involved in a conspiracy to breach two contracts and prevent his father from receiving the $1.6 mil in assets contractually guaranteed him for loans made to Jesse Stockwell’s Grandparents.
  4. Did get his grandmother a mortgage whose payments were more than her Social Security Check. This led to his grandmother, without permission, taking funds entrusted to her late husband by her Son, in the amount of $150,000. She stated that those funds were used in large part to make those mortgage payments.
  5. When Sophie J. Torres of Falmouth, Massachusetts lost her appeal to her Son, she immediately lowered the price of her husband’s family home of generations by almost 70% of its appraised value.  That’s over a $300,000 reduction in price. Was Jesse Stockwell and/or Debtmerica, LLC part of this debacle? All of the facts are well documented at uswatchdogs.net.

We think that Jesse Stockwell’s father had a hell of a lot more than a good reason to file R.I.C.O. charges against his son, Jesse Stockwell and/or Debtmerica, LLC. Note that after the Massachusetts Court of Appeals overturned Jesse Stockwell’s high-priced attorneys at Wilkins, DeYoung & Carter, the Barnstable Superior Court ordered that the address of Jesse Stockwell’s Father be sealed by the Court.

Additionally, it ordered that Wilkins, DeYoung & Carter are prevented from disclosing Jesse Stockwell’s father’s and his father’s wife’s address to anyone, including their clients. The uswatchdogs.net has reported that Jesse Stockwell’s father is filing a “Motion to Reconsider” based on the plain and simple fact that he is not willing to risk his life on what he claims is the well documented record of Attorney Jeremy M. Carter disregarding these death threats, even though one of the parties named in the Verified Complaint, James Kimberly Torres, was killed by a gunshot to his head from a 50 Caliber Desert Eagle.

The motion is also based on the lack of professionalism shown by Wilkins, DeYoung & Carter when they sent a copy of their clients’ privileged communication to the opposing party, Jesse Stockwell’s father. See the story available here. It is exactly this kind of lax attitude that could get Jenny and Jesse killed, to which they responded; “No thank you”.

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