Can You Get Your Money Back From Debtmerica LLC?

“Good Old Boy Political Network” Was Alive and Well; Until Facts Published That IsResidents of New York received reimbursements for what the New York Attorney General called Debtmerica LLC’s predatory practices. As the statute of limitations vary from state to state, it may be time that Debtmerica consumers contacted their state’s Attorney General and filed a complaint asking them to take action against Debtmerica LLC. See the full New York Story.

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Debtmerica was forced to pay restitution to their New York customers. You should also be able to do the same in your state, or it may be time for a new Attorney General.

Anyone who feels they have been victimized should contact their state’s Attorney General and file a complaint. We will shortly be providing a complaint generator or pdf form for you to fill in and send to your state’s Attorney General. Feel free to link to this story or the original pdf document from the New York Attorney General’s Assurance of Discontinuance. Here is a list of all 50 states Attorney General’s contact information.

Be sure to read our full story on how Debtmerica LLC was taken to the Woodshed in New York where they paid $175,000 in restitution to New York customers and $25,000 in costs to the New York Attorney General.

Do any of our readers believe that Debtmerica LLC would have paid any restitution to any New York resident if it hadn’t been for the action taken by the New York Attorney General? Let us ask this a different way, has anyone outside of the State of New York received a dime in restitution from Debtmerica LLC?

Debtmerica LLC’s Founders Father had this to say about his son now Jesse Stockwell:

“I am embarrassed by the way my son made his wealth, and from whom he made it.”

The history of Jesse Stockwell shows a long and detailed history of similar “predatory acts” starting with his first company:

  1. “Coins that Care” , that he created to exploit the 9/11 tragedy. He and the company were forced to close by the New York Fire Fighters and/or their widows for trademark and copyright infringements when they used, without authorization, the now famous symbol of the Fire Fighters raising the flag on the Trade Center’s rubble.
  2. “LendingPoint Mortgage Corporation LLC” , a junk mortgage company that closed shortly after it, along with other companies in the same dirty industry, almost bankrupt the United States
  3. Debtmerica LLC“, is what this story is all about. Found by the New York Attorney General to be a predatory company. Accused of taking a second bite of LendingPoint’s customers after their homes were foreclosed on.
  4. Optima Tax Relief LLC“, appears to have been founded as the ever-tightening noose is closing on the Debt Consolidation Industry. This and other so-called Tax Relief Companies are already becoming targets with warnings about their practices coming from the IRS and news outlets like Fox Business News.
  5. LoanNow LLC“, does not cater to those with outstanding credit. This appears yet another business targeting Jesse Stockwell’s favorite demographic: those in financial despair who can least afford LoanNow’s high rates. The address of Jesse’s companies are located in an area largely populated by Mexican-Americans. Interest rate of LoanNow (stated on their website, 49%-189%!! You might as well go to your local neighborhood “loan shark”. He’d probably give you a better deal. See our related story on LoanNow.
  6. “SuperMoney LLC” is Jesse Stockwell’s spin machine. If you examine the over-the-top, 5 star reviews on SuperMoney, you will quickly notice that they all sound strikingly familiar. Then, try to write a few negative reviews as we did. Within 24 hours, they disappeared without a trace or explanation. See our full investigation.

Does this sound like you? A short fairy tale about Jesse’s business plan and how a customer, maybe you, fits into it. Please remember, this is pure speculation:

Some poor working stiff who, based on Jesse’s neighborhood demographics is probably Mexican-American, comes to LendingPoint Mortgage where Jesse sells him on the American Dream. He buys a home that he can’t afford via a junk mortgage Jesse signed him up for. The whole U.S. economy then blows up, primarily because of junk mortgage companies like Jesse’s. The poor working stiff loses his home and moves in with relatives. He can’t rent because his credit is now ruined. Jesse comes to the rescue! This time with his new company Debtmerica LLC. Being of a very proud heritage, our poor working stiff signs up to repair his credit rating so he can rent a home. Now according to the New York Attorney General, our poor working stiff makes his payments for a year or so, thinking he is paying down his debt. He then finds out that he has tax problems as the IRS says the debt settlement deduction is taxable income, so he now owes the IRS. To the rescue, Jesse signs him up with another of his companies, Optima Tax Relief LLC. The poor working stiff’s TV and Computer got repossessed so he never saw the warning on the IRS Website or the Fox Business Special on “tax Relief Scams”. Meanwhile back at his relatives’ house, according to the Attorney General, while our poor working stiff has made all of his payments to Debtmerica for over a year, not one payment was made to his creditors! All of the money he paid has gone to Jesse. A sheriff comes to our poor working stiff’s door representing the creditors. But once again, our poor working stiff has Jesse in his corner and this time Jesse signs him up with a 189% loan from LoanNow to pay the creditors who didn’t get paid. But how did all of this happen? After all, our poor working stiff, before his computer was repossessed, checked out Jesse and all of his companies at an independent authority called SuperMoney and he didn’t have even one bad review. If he only knew that SuperMoney was also one of Jesse’s companies, but he found out too late.

Get your money back! Contact your State Attorney General and file a complaint today!

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