Is R.I.C.O. and Forfeiture The Tool For Debt Industry Organizations?

Is R.I.C.O. and Forfeiture The Tool For Debt Industry Organizations?As state governments crack down on the Debt Industry, which includes the Debt Consolidation Companies specializing in credit card debt as well as Tax Relief Companies, the organizations behind these companies migrate seamlessly into the next apparent scam. While this might not be true for all companies in the debt industry, it certainly looks true for Jesse Stockwell (google him). What the companies in their organization all have in common is that they target people with bad credit. The irony is that Jesse may have played a large part in getting these people into the very situation that ruined their credit in the first place: buying a house they couldn’t afford via a junk mortgage. The companies in Jesse’s organization include junk mortgages, debt consolidation, tax relief and now their latest, loan companies charging up to 189% interest!

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Jesse also has a website apparently designed to manufacture great, 5-star posts about his various companies. Stories on this website appear honest until you start digging, while any negative posts seem to magically disappear.

While we used Jesse’s organization in our above example, we feel their tactics and greed have infected the entire Debt Industry. New York has already taken action to combat these tactics. Jesse’s company Debtmerica LLC paid $200, 000 and Freedom Debt Relief LLC, who was working with Debtmerica LLC, paid over $1,000,000 in restitution and costs for what the New York Attorney General called “predatory practices”. It’s time your state’s Attorney General does something about it with the following legal tools at their disposal:

R.I.C.O. The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act is the best tool available to all 50 states Attorney Generals, and they should use it. Here are facts about RICO most of us didn’t know about. Below we paraphrase from the the author of Grell on RICO.

Once the preferred tool against the mafia, R.I.C.O. is a common claim in federal courts, usually asserted by the purported victims of white collar crimes, such as mail and wire fraud.

The most common defendant to a civil RICO claim is not the stereotypical godfather figure, but is instead the CEO of a corporation, the controlling shareholder of a closed-corporation, the trustee of an estate or trust, or the leader of a political protest group. Even the Catholic Church has been named as a RICO defendant.

Forfeiture: With all of the tools available to a state’s Attorney General, why use R.I.C.O? The owners of these Debt Industry Organizations have become filthy rich on the backs of those who can least afford it. Many of their “victims” are minorities, some even having difficulty with English. When convicted of a R.I.C.O. criminal act, all of the funds made by, or derived from that illegal act, can be seized, and hopefully sold, and the funds distributed to those who were the victims of these heinous crimes. A little on that from the FBI:

Asset forfeiture “takes the profit out of crime” by helping to eliminate the ability of the offender to command resources necessary to continue illegal activities.

The following story is fairy tale written about Jesse Stockwell’s various companies’ history and how they all seem to tie together. It will bring home why we feel that the Debt Industry is one of the worst in our country. And, as we stated, their organization’s tactics could be applied to the vast majority of those in the Debt Industry

Once upon a time, Some poor working stiff who, based on Jesse’s neighborhood demographics is probably Mexican-American, comes to LendingPoint Mortgage where Jesse sells him on the American Dream. He buys a home that he can’t afford via a junk mortgage Jesse signed him up for. The whole U.S. economy then blows up, primarily because of junk mortgage companies like Jesse’s. The poor working stiff loses his home and moves in with relatives. He can’t rent because his credit is now ruined. Jesse comes to the rescue! This time with his new company Debtmerica LLC. Being of a very proud heritage, our poor working stiff signs up to repair his credit rating so he can rent a home. Now according to the New York Attorney General, our poor working stiff makes his payments for a year or so, thinking he is paying down his debt. He then finds out that he has tax problems as the IRS says the debt settlement deduction is taxable income, so he now owes the IRS. To the rescue, Jesse signs him up with another of his companies, Optima Tax Relief LLC. The poor working stiff’s TV and Computer got repossessed so he never saw the warning on the IRS Website or the Fox Business Special on “tax Relief Scams”. Meanwhile back at his relatives’ house, according to the Attorney General, while our poor working stiff has made all of his payments to Debtmerica for over a year, not one payment was made to his creditors! All of the money he paid has gone to Jesse. A sheriff comes to our poor working stiff’s door representing the creditors. But once again, our poor working stiff has Jesse in his corner and this time Jesse signs him up with a 189% loan from LoanNow to pay the creditors who didn’t get paid. But how did all of this happen? After all, our poor working stiff, before his computer was repossessed, checked out Jesse and all of his companies at an independent authority called SuperMoney and he didn’t have even one bad review. If he only knew that SuperMoney was also one of Jesse’s companies, but he found out too late.

This is why R.I.C.O. or a similar state statute should be used, because all of the bank accounts, homes, cars, boats and even the future salaries of those found guilty could, and should be seized and sold and at least some of the money returned to the victims of the Debt Industry.

Do you feel you have been a victim of a Debt, Tax or Credit Card Company? Be sure to see our exclusive story on Getting Your Money Back From Debtmerica LLC? which applies to all of these companies.

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