Optima Tax Relief / Jesse Stockwell: Caught Again?

Jesse Stockwell, formally Jesse E. Torres IV thinks he can put a spin on anything!

Jesse Stockwell, Formally Jesse E. Torres IV

Our stories on Jesse Stockwell, then known as  Jesse E. Torres IV, started over 3 years ago when a lawsuit with specific R.I.C.O. charges were filed against him and his then fashionable (to him) company, Debtmerica. Our story grew as we dug deeper into Jesse Stockwell’s past and his trail of companies that all had a similar pattern, they were all in industries virtually shut down by Federal and State Government.

As the story broadened, many of our sister Investigative Blogs started picking up on just how deep this story was, and started to do their own investigations and stories. Charges were made against Jesse Stockwell and his long list of companies which appear to last only as long as they remain under the radar of Federal and State Agencies.

The United States Freedom Network Investigative Blogs and Spotlight Websites have uncovered what certainly appears to be connections to convicted criminals and a laundry list of charges for bad acts. Jesse Stockwell Joanne Stockwell (Jesse’s Mother, who has been compared to Ma Barker) and Jesse’s many companies have been given many, many opportunities to tell their side of the story, and have declined to do so.

We believe that they have never responded to the many charges against them due to the large amount of evidence obtained by the United State Freedom Network Investigative Blogs.

Jesse Stockwell, formally Jesse E. Torres IV, seems to think he can run away from his past, without so much as an apology to even his father, who was a victim of extortion attempts and death

threats (Arrest Warrant) by Jesse’s cousin and former roommate, convicted and incarcerated criminal James Kimberly Torres. James Kimberly Torres is known to have distributed drugs from Mexico throughout the United States. Also named in the complaint was the father of James Kimberly Torres, Donald Torres, an ex-patriot who has been living in Baja Mexico for over 20 years.

Recently Jesse Stockwell changed his personal blog, jessestockwell.com, in what to us was an obvious attempt to spin the facts uncovered about him. Once again he got caught and a new story showing just how devious Jesse Stockwell can be, was published by our sister blog, the United States Watchdogs.

He can run but he can’t hide

From Jesse E. Torres IV to Jesse Stockwell. He has now all but disappeared from his company websites and has stated that he wants to get back to rural life. Jesse, we will be there.

PROTECT YOURSELF: For anyone who is considering doing business with Jesse Stockwell or any of his companies, this is a must read story.

Full Story: Optima Tax Relief / Jesse Stockwell: And The Spin Goes On

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