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Our Anonymity Policy

When you contact us, please note that, in keeping with the anonymity policy of the Freedom Network, there are only anonymous volunteers who occasionally check this site’s email. Only emails that the volunteers deem appropriate will be accepted, all others will be permanently deleted. We keep no records of our volunteers’ activities and have no knowledge of which volunteer checked the email, or the times the email was checked.

Encrypted Communication and Tor on the Freedom Network

Please note that if your email is in reference to a confidential story or information you wish to provide us, please add how you want to communicate with us (encrypted: sip-phone, email or messaging). We will then send you a one time code for communicating with us. Each communication will require a new code. This better protects you and the Freedom Network from privacy attacks. You will require one of the secure, encrypted applications/services that we support. For deeper cover we may also require that you communicate with us via the Tor Network, along with the Encrypted Application.

The encrypted applications and Tor are free. Please see our Contribute page for details on how to get these security applications, and be sure to visit our Freedom Network page.

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