The United States Watchdogs is proud to provide a full community where our readers can express freely themselves and see the free opinions of others. These communities are provided to enable our readers ideas to be freely expressed and not censored like those on the current Obama lapdog Communities. So please let us and our readers know what your thinking.

  • Forum – A place for the free exchange of ideas
  • Chirp – A Twitter Like Place
  • Social – A Facebook like community
  • Pics – A Place for pictures
  • Calendar – Setup your groups calendar

Please note that these sites are not outside of prying eyes. Because we are outside of the United States you can freely express your political views including those against people in power. We never display your ip address or other user information unless you do. Please note that illegal pictures or activities will immediately get you removed from this website and the offending data deleted.

If you have highly sensitive information that your want to send to us, please use our Contact Page and request a link to our darknet services.