Is Huntsville’s William T. Ward, Jr a victim of eBay Eat It?

eBay's "Money Back Guarentee" For Sellers, its eBay Eat It!Is the purported gen-x poster boy, William (Bill) T. Hunt, Jr. of Huntsville, Alabama,  a new breed of predators created by eBay’s “Money Back Guarantee”? This policy, being called by eBay sellers, eBay Eat It, forces its eBay sellers to take back damaged and destroyed merchandise with the seller paying freight charges both ways by yanking the money right out of the seller’s bank account. Did we mention that eBay also keeps its commission and accesses a return fee to the seller?

It should be noted that William (Bill) T. Hunt, Jr. of Huntsville, Alabama has been given numerous opportunities to answer the complaint filed against him and has declined to do so. Apparently, as most gen-x children believe, it was eBay’s fault for providing such an attractive opportunity to them. Talk about a Twinkie Defense.

It would be hard not to believe that eBay’s new policy is a scam designed to fill eBay’s pockets with a policy that is paid for by its sellers. eBay loves to point to the agreement signed by their sellers as if eBay has the lawful power to overwrite Federal and State Law, including an illegal if not criminal conspiracy with their sister company, PayPal, to deny sellers  their right to due process as set forth in the 5th and 14th Amendments of the U.S. Constitution and most state’s constitutions. See Is eBay’s “Money Back Guarantee” facilitating scams against seniors?

This ruse goes way beyond an abuse of power by eBay. Go to and try and find a fax or phone number. When you have received your returned item completely destroyed and try to use eBay’s “deny refund“, eBay will step in and yank the money right out of your bank account, adding the return freight and fees, and of course, keeping its commissions. After careful, well-documented use by one of our members, a top Computer Scientist, his conclusion was that eBay’s online appeal policy is, in his opinion, nothing more than timing delays and pre-written messages.

When he called eBay to appeal, even the eBay agent said (paraphrasing), company policy is we can’t give you an appeal, and further, eBay says that if the buyer returns an item, they are in the right.  He was taken aback by, what he felt were, eBay’s intentions to deceive its sellers using programming tricks so egregious, so undeniable and so obvious that eBay clearly showed a disdain for its Sellers. The eBay pages place large buttons like [Refund Buyer] contrasted with very small links refusing the refund below this button.

According to our member, there is no question that this is an intentional attempt to get the Seller to click the [Refund Buyer] button. In addition, if the seller clicks the Refund Buyer button by mistake, there is no way to cancel the operation allowing the seller to correct his mistake.

His final conclusion is that, in his expert opinion, eBay is deliberately perpetrating a scam. The full report is about to be published on the U.S. Watchdogs Network.

Everyone, not just New Englanders, should be aware of this apparent scam. eBay must know that their new policy, a policy with no cost to them, is creating a generation of predators who are preying on unsuspecting sellers, and like all predators, they are targeting the weak. These unsuspecting sellers are not “big businesses”, but rather individuals, like senior citizens, selling a few personal items. The U.S. Watchdogs have an ongoing series on eBay and accused predator William (Bill) T. Ward, Jr of Huntsville, Alabama, known on eBay as bill256. If you are doing business, or considering doing business on eBay, these are must-read stories. See for yourself, visit and click the eBay category.

There is hope. The U.S. Freedom Network’s parent has a software division that is developing the “eBay Equalizer” that will generate an entire Small Claims Complaint, complete with motions, interrogatories, production of documents and deceptive and misleading trade practices letters as well as a motion of indigency to waive the court’s filing fees, if needed.

The Bonus: The eBay Equalizer has announced that, as part of the design, complainants can elect to have their complaint added to the database that will be used to file a class action lawsuit against eBay and PayPal which will include civil R.I.C.O. (Racketeering) charges. On the criminal side, complaints will be filed with the various states’ Attorney Generals, whose citizens have been victims of eBay’s and PayPal’s Policies. We’re told that these various states’ Attorneys Generals will be asked to include Criminal Conspiracy, Deceptive and Misleading Trade Practices,  Deliberately Perpetrating a Fraud and Criminal R.I.C.O. charges against eBay and PayPal.

Is William (Bill) T. Ward, Jr of Huntsville, Alabama, known on eBay as bill256 a new breed of predator? Are you a target of these new eBay Predators? Protect yourself and see the following stories on the U.S. Watchdogs Network

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