Debtmerica’s Founder Jesse Stockwell Is the Defendant Jesse E. Torres IV

This article is part of our Pro Se Litigant series, case: Torres v. Torres – Examining the Record

Debtmerica’s Founder Jesse Stockwell Is the Defendant Jesse E. Torres IVThe Defendant Debtmerica’s Managing Partner, CEO and Founder is named, “Jesse Stockwell” or “Jesse E. Stockwell”, according to Debtmerica’s Senior Management webpage. Yet, not too long ago, this same person was listed as Jesse E. Torres IV on this very same webpage. Check out the Get Out Of Debt Guy’s review of Debtmerica under “Management” to see the erstwhile Jesse E. Torres IV. The question to be asked is: who is Jesse E. Stockwell and why in the world did he change his name? We’ve done a little research on Jesse E. Torres IV (Stockwell appears to be his mother’s maiden name, A.K.A. Joanne Stockwell/Torres, Joanne Stockwell, Joanne Torres) and our research led us to the following conclusions:

  • He’s a graduate of Wharton Business School, class of 2000. He was granted late (last minute) admission to Wharton. When we interviewed his father, he said he had made arrangements to drive Jesse to Tulane University with the father of a friend whose son was also attending Tulane. As his identical twin brother had been admitted to Cornell, an Ivy League University, Jesse was down in the dumps. To say that Jesse’s father and mother didn’t get along would be an understatement. Their divorce will forever be associated with the Impeachment effort of Judge Shirley R. Lewis. Jesse’s father was both proud and happy when Jesse told his father that, “my mother’s, live-in boyfriend’s brother is the head of the Wharton Alumni association”, and he pulled strings to get Jesse IV admitted. His father told him that, the important thing was how he did at Wharton, not how he got in.
  • Debtmerica, LLC, of whom Jesse Stockwell is listed as the founder and Managing Partner, was charged and investigated by the Attorney General of the state of New York. Debtmerica, LLC settled with the New York Attorney General for $175,000 for restitution to provide for refunds to be distributed to past New York consumers that had enrolled through programs offered by Debtmerica. These refunds were administered by the attorney general’s office directly. In addition, Debtmerica agreed to pay $25,000 to the attorney general’s office for costs related to the inquiry. It does beg the question of why, Debtmerica claimed innocence, then why did Jesse E Torres IV or Jesse Stockwell or Jesse E Stockwell, or whatever his name is, authorize the payment to the attorney general’s office totaling $200,000?
  • We are applying for copies of Jesse E. Torres IV’s (A.K.A. Jesse Stockwell, Jesse E. Stockwell) financial assistance documents. Jesse’s father alleges that Jesse’s mother, then know as Joanne L. Torres, (as well as one of the following: Joanne Stockwell / Joanne Stockwell-Torres), forged the federal loan documents stating that the address of the father was unknown. She did this while having at least weekly contact with Jesse E. Torres IV’s father who was living and working in San Francisco, CA where Jesse and his twin brother spent many holidays and summers. If true, this would have significantly reduced the amount of Jesse’s student loans as he would have received Federal Grants. As federal loan applications are signed under the pains and penalties of perjury, if true, we believe this would be a Federal Criminal Act.
  • It appears clear to this author that Lendingpoint, Jesse’s previous company, relied on, and Debtmerica currently relies on, marketing and catering to low-income clients. It is also public knowledge that a large segment of that population in California (Debtmerica is based in Santa Ana, California) is of Mexican decent. This we believe would raise a question to Mexican-Americans: as Debtmerica grew, did Jesse E. Torres IV change his name when Torres was no longer an asset to him with the Mexican community, or was it when he lost his motion in Torres v. Torres to have the Court documents of the case removed from the Internet where facts about Jesse and his actions would be publicly available? (Google Jesse E. Torres IV)
  • Jesse Stockwell’s cousin, James Kimberly Torres, was a twice convicted, incarcerated felon. He was convicted of drug related and other crimes in California. While we would not normally report on something like this, we believe this is relevant as Jesse Stockwell/Jesse E. Stockwell, when going by his given name Jesse E. Torres IV, lived with cousin Jimmy at his home in Descanso California for a prolonged period of time after he was terminated from the employ of Prudential Volpe Technology Group in December 2000. His father stated that he believes that this was the turning point in his son’s life. James Kimberly Torres died by a reported self inflicted gun shot wound to his head.
  • The relationship between James Kimberly Torres and his father Donald Francis Torres with Jesse seems to become even more relevant. James and Donald seem to be at the base of R.I.C.O charges against Jesse and Debtmerica. These charges were filed by Jesse E. Torres IV’s father and included extortion and death threats made by James Kimberly Torres against Jesse E. Torres IV’s father and his wife, while they were living in Baja Mexico. James Kimberly Torres threatened that if they didn’t leave Baja, James’ prison buddies, members of Hells Angles, would remove them in a box. After a full investigation, the equivalent of a criminal warrant for the arrest of James Kimberly Torres was issued by the Mexican Attorney General’s office.
  • The complaint filed by Jesse E. Torres IV’s father alleges that Jesse E. Torres IV (A.K.A. Jesse Stockwell, Jesse E. Stockwell) and/or Debtmerica had to have spent well over $100,000 in legal fees to prevent his father from being paid an agreed to amount of $1.6 million dollars. The complaint was dismissed by a lower court judge whose judgement was overturned on appeal. The case has been reinstated. See Court documents here.
  • Our investigation into the matter of Torres v. Torres has shown evidence that Jesse IV’s father’s allegations appear true. There certainly appears to us that there was a conspiracy by Sophie J. Torres, Mary C. Torres and the now Jesse Stockwell (A.K.A. Jesse E. Torres IV, Jesse E. Stockwell) to prevent the repayment of funds owed to Jesse E. Torres III by the estate of the late Jesse E. Torres Jr. Their apparent goal was to transfer ownership of the property to Mary C. Torres and/or Jesse E. Torres IV. The Massachusetts Court of Appeals agreed:

It is undisputed that Jesse has available to him now a viable action in quantum meruit. Because the contract specifies that Jesse’s damages will be the very monies and interest he loaned to his parents…

  • More signs of guilt? Right after Sophie J. Torres lost her appeal, she reduced the price of properties that her construction mortgage showed would be worth $545,000 (it does need to be completed, estimate cost $40,000) for $235,000. This is not a normal action. It also is becoming apparent in our review of the case that the now Jesse Stockwell (A.K.A. Jesse E. Torres IV, Jesse Stockwell) and Mary C. Torres certainly appear also to be involved in these actions.
  • Google: Jesse E. Torres IV | Sophie J. Torres
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Coming Soon! – Debtmerica LLC. Senior Management: Be watching for our upcoming in-depth story on our research into the other Senior Management of Debtmerica LLC as featured on Debtmerica LLC’s Senior Management Page.
You can’t make this stuff up, the comments that follow each of Debtmerica’s Senior Management is from their Debtmerica Authors & Editorial Teampage.
  • Jesse Stockwell – Founder & CEO – “Master of FAQs & Budgeting Maestro”
  • Kristen Bemis – General Counsel – “Guardian of Compliance and Protector of Objectivity”
  • Jarrod Bassin – Director of Sales
  • Yaz Hernandez – Director of Information Technology
  • Christine Bui – Public Relations Manager – “Conductor of the Content and Company Curator”
  • Sonia Duenas – Human Resources Manager

Authors & Editorial Page Only

  • Lindsay Dage – “Maiden of Debt”
Already Uncovered: Hard to find public email addresses that are now missing from the Contact Page at the  Debtmerica LLC Website. After all, in fairness, you should get their side of the story.

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